What is POPKON?
A two-way
live streaming platform
based on the blockchain
POPKON is a 'two-way live streaming platform' that connects content creators and viewers through live streaming technology, applying blockchain technology to the POPKON TV, nation’s number one live streaming platform.

POPKON is founded to overcome the shortcomings of the existing uniform and closed live streaming industry, and promotes communication between creators and viewers. POPKON aims at the value improvement of personal contents and the entire content industry.
Beyond Value.
Ecosystem of new values
Now we can create new values in the new ecosystem of POPKON. All ecosystem participants have access to virtual assets and can earn them as rewards.
POPKON 경제시스템
NFT & Blockchain Livestreaming Platform
Live-streaming to earn
  • Live-streaming to earn
  • Live-streaming to Earn' signifies a concept wherein participants can earn profits from the live streaming ecosystem. Not confined to live streaming creators, users who watch live streaming content and donate to the creators also can make profits.
  • NFT & Fan staking
  • All content created by streamers can be changed over to NFT, through the EDIT Tool in POPKON platform. The Genesis NFT holders can deposit the NFTs and stake them, and the participants who staked can receive rewards according to the APY, the period of staking, and the quantity of NFTs.
NFT & Fan staking
Based on cumulative statistics as of March 2021
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  • Based on cumulative statistics as of March 2021
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Proven market competitiveness
POPKON TV is one of the live streaming platforms of the POPKON ecosystem. The second largest share of live streaming services in Korea. Personal broadcasting for adults has the largest content in Asia. With a relatively high number of participants and content at the beginning of the project, token demand is expected to grow and we plan to expand rapidly.
  1. Roadmap Q3 2021

    POPKON SDK development

  2. Roadmap Q4 2021

    POPKON TV Coin API development

  3. Roadmap Q1 2022

    POPKON TV Coin version (App, Web, PC) open

  4. Roadmap Q2 2022

    POPKON TV Coin version (English, Chinese) open

  5. Roadmap Q3 2022

    POPKON TV Coin version (worldwide version) open

  • Annon Ha
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • ㆍKorea Digital Exchange Co. Ltd general planning and operation
    ㆍNCSoft Co. Ltd, Information Planning Team Nano design and operation
    ㆍmgoonmedia Co., Ltd, service and business planning
    ㆍSMonline Co., Ltd, service planning
  • Joseph Kim
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • ㆍMods Factory Co., Ltd, CEO
    ㆍNPIC SOFT, Director
    ㆍThe5 interactive, Director
    ㆍCR Space Co., Ltd, Vice President
    ㆍHan Wireless Co., Ltd Director
  • Silas Huh
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • ㆍPopcaster development
    ㆍDaum Music streaming service development and operation
    ㆍAdrenalin (video player) development and operation
    ㆍ(Current) The E&M Co., Ltd Chief Director
    ㆍIndustrial Engineer Information Processing qualification
  • Jay Lee
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • ㆍJH E&M CEO
    ㆍEden 9 Director
    ㆍ(Former) KeyEast Entertainment Chief Director
    ㆍStar J Entertainment Team Leader